Welcome to Moore’s Martial Arts Academy!

We’re excited that you’re thinking about joining us. We believe that you’ll be very pleased with our one-of-a-kind martial arts program and professional black belt school for children and adults.

There are two primary reasons for our existence as a martial arts school in Topeka for over 22 years:

  •  We love and deeply believe in our work. We have personally walked the path that we are taking our students on; we have experienced every single aspect of what we teach; and we have felt the benefits of the transformation that we expect to see in our students. All of us are affected by our environment and are exposed to its influences, whether consciously or not. So where we can, why not choose physical strength and health, mental and emotional stability, being able to defend ourselves, and a peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are making these positive choices?
  • We believe that each one of us is born with a purpose; we all have a mission, and whatever form it may take, in the end, our ultimate mission is to make a difference in someone else’s life. From the beginning, we knew we would be on the right path if we would affect one person’s life through our teachings. Over the years, we have been blessed to have seen countless lives affected through their involvement with our school, and we are immensely grateful for being allowed this opportunity. Our students are not faces and numbers to us; they are a part of our extended family. Our students are the reason for our life’s work, and contributing to their success is our greatest honor.

We are not an amateur program, but a professional Black Belt School. What does that mean? Becoming a black belt is a privilege that can only be earned, and naturally a great source of pride, but it is definitely an accomplishment that requires certain qualities (and we don’t mean talent, flexibility and strength). If you choose to join us, please remember that the One key to success is commitment. The moment of reaching a goal is certainly an important one, but what is even more important is the path that lead to that goal; it is there that the real “magic” happens. That is why we encourage each of our students to set a goal of earning their Black Belt, because we know that the most amazing transformation will take place on the road to that single day.

We could express in more depth the benefits we offer, but instead of sharing words, we invite you to come in and make a decision based on your experience.

We cannot promise you will become a martial artist, as that will greatly depend on you; however, we can promise you our vision, our best guidance, and our vow of commitment to you, from the day you walk in to the day you’ll know you have earnt the name a Martial Artist.

Thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!