Our Philosophy

Since the beginning of the expansion of the martial arts to the West, the number of martial arts schools in the US had skyrocketed. Although most styles have basic commonalities, the overall understanding and the teaching approach of martial arts varies from one school to another.

At Moore’s Martial Arts Academy, we believe in the importance of preserving context and tradition. With dedicated and strenuous practice, a student can become strong and skilled in the physical aspects of martial arts. However, studying karate for the sake of displaying physical strength, or training merely for the sake of violent competition, is a narrow minded approach, and, in our view, not a reflection of true martial arts. A person highly skilled in the physical aspects of martial arts, but lacking integrity, honor, respect, and humility, would exemplify a misrepresentation of our values.

Therefore, our students are encouraged to use the physical curriculum not only for the purpose of learning a skill or for physical strengthening, but also as a means for enhancing character qualities. Through working on establishing and reaching goals, and learning how to overcome any challenges along the way, our students have an opportunity to improve their self-discipline, self-reliance and self-esteem. In a structured, safe and encouraging setting, our students develop not only higher self-awareness, but awareness of others and the environment in general, and by the time the training goals are reached, the personal growth is evident and often drastic. Our hope is that no student completes this program unchanged for the better.

Above all, we are convinced that the benefits that can be gained at Moore’s Martial Arts Academy are applicable to any situation, and they have the power and potential of changing the course of one’s life.