Adult Classes

You walk by a martial arts school wondering how it would be to step inside, but you are anxious, not knowing what to expect, and whether you would belong.

You have always dreamed about becoming a black belt, but you have doubts about being able to meet the challenge… You reminisce about the days when you were “in the best shape of your life,” believing you could never feel that great again, or you exercise regularly but you are tired of the “hamster in a wheel” feeling… You have never been involved in a sport and you like the martial arts, but you are too intimidated to try… You are stressed out and need a break from your daily routine, while maintaining good health… You are lonely and isolated, and would like to engage in something meaningful while connecting with like-minded people…

If you recognize yourself in any of these, or similar scenarios, and you are drawn to martial arts, forget the “if only’s”, “wish could have’s” or “should have’s”, the doubts; let go of the past or the future; forget being younger, in better shape, more talented, more coordinated, or whatever it is you are allowing to stand between you and your dream. This is the right moment, the perfect circumstance, and you can do it.

From the moment you contact us, our main focus is finding out how we can best serve you. The day you enter our dojo in Topeka, you will be welcomed, because each of our members has walked a similar path and understands the importance of encouragement and support.

We are aware that our adult students have busy lives, so we do our best to work with your pace and provide as much individual attention as time permits. You will find that, with regular attendance and practice, whether through conscious effort or not, the benefits will follow. Through consistent training, karate will shape and strengthen your body, keeping it flexible, vital and healthy, and improve your cardiovascular system, among the rest, but the benefits are far more than physical. As you learn to concentrate on every move, you will find that the thoughts and worries of your day will begin to lose priority, and as your focus sharpens, you will gradually develop steadiness, calmness and peace of mind, letting go of anxiety. Through accomplishing each goal along the way, you will find yourself more confident and mentally stronger; filled with a sense of pride and purpose.

As you advance, there will be opportunities to publicly display the skills you’ve acquired, at demonstrations and tournaments, if you have such interest. Our exceptional students might also be offered leadership opportunities, such as teaching classes, representing the dojo at community events, or leading a demo team at different venues.

One thing to keep in mind as you embark on your martial arts journey, is that You hold the key to your success. We are here to provide the tools, the guidance and the encouragement, but your progress will ultimately depend on your “drive”, determination, and hard work; with those in place, the sky is the limit.

Time, as we understand it, will pass regardless of our actions. We can either surrender to our doubts and fears, and create self-imposed limits, or we can follow our own compass and become an inspiration to others.

If you decide to join our academy, you might wake up one day having accomplished something extraordinary; you might look in the mirror and realize that you have made your dream come true – you have become a martial artist. You will also have joined a special group of people, one of honor, integrity and respect – examples in the community, leaders in life. You might also find that it has been a journey filled with rewards and fun.

If you are ready for a new adventure, we would love to hear from you, just as you are, today.