Personal Safety Education for Women

Statements such as: “A woman’s boundaries should be respected no matter what” should be considered redundant in the 21 Century. Sadly, we live in a society where the number of incidents of violent crimes toward women is alarming, and the first step to making a significant change is by acknowledging that this is a serious problem that concerns us all. If we want a healthy society, we have to do everything in our power to stand up against perpetuation of a culture that objectifies and dehumanizes women. In order to find a solution for this complex issue, we have to tackle it from all angles, and, first and foremost, we have to make it clear that Under No Circumstance should a survivor be held accountable for having endured a violent attack by another person.

Even though this is not a complete solution, as a martial arts school one of our most effective contributions to this cause is providing women with the knowledge and skills that can help them better prepare for a violent attack.

Our women’s self-defense classes are taught by a professional martial artist with teaching experience of over 40 years. In addition to karate, Master Moore has also taught numerous self-defense workshops at different venues in the Topeka community, as well as to several organizations since 2004. He has also taught applied self-defense classes at the Washburn University for over 10 years to both non and criminal justice majors. Seeing the growing need for this specific set of skills, in 2014 he began teaching self-defense programs at the dojo as well. It is a fact that studying self-defense will NOT guarantee 100% safety; however, women who study these skills are simply better prepared.

There are two aspects of self-defense, both equally important. The mental aspect deals with developing awareness of the surroundings; avoidance of potentially harmful situations; and mastering and channeling emotions – learning how to remain calm and in control during a potentially life-threatening situation. The second aspect consists of the physical techniques. When combined, these two can help turn fear into power and can help a woman effectively respond in virtually any situation. Briefly stated, our classes give women a great opportunity to improve their safety by learning how to become more aware of danger: how to avoid it, and how to implement a plan of action in case of a physical assault.

As with any other skill, it takes time and effort to master the physical aspects of self-defense. We are mindful of people’s time constraints, and our dojo offers different levels of self-defense classes. Our shorter course is designed to provide the maximum countermeasure techniques to defend oneself, taught within a 4 week period. This course is excellent for anyone who would like to learn basic safety awareness and skills applicable to daily life situations. It is also a prerequisite for those who might be interested in a more in-depth study of our 4 month progressive course.

There are no special physical or attire requirements to join our self-defense classes. Wearing something comfortable and having the desire to empower oneself is all that’s necessary.

Although this is one area where we wish our services were not needed, we are glad to do our part in protecting women’s safety, and grateful to be making a difference in the Topeka community.