Youth Classes

Parents, we know that your child is your most precious treasure; your heart and soul. You do your best to instill your knowledge and wisdom, hoping to protect your children from negativity; prepare them for life’s challenges; and raise them into healthy, happy, and successful adults. We also know that, now more than ever, parents and children are facing serious challenges (bullying, peer pressure, increase in violent crime in media and daily life, culture of instant gratification, replacement of true values with material possessions, over praising without honest effort, etc.) that most of us could use some help with at times.

We’ve worked with martial arts students in the Topeka area for over 40 years, and we know that every child is unique. We have developed an effective and individualized system for our young students – akin to climbing a mountain.

From the base of the mountain (the first meeting), we begin introducing the basic concepts of traditional martial arts, such as the bow – representing respect. We also evaluate and find out what specific needs your child has; whether they are ready; and which program might be best suited for him/her. Our foundation, in a form of carefully crafted Martial Arts Student Creed, is introduced and strictly reinforced, ensuring that every skill learned in class will be used in a safe and appropriate manner.

Setting and accomplishing goals is the core of our teaching. When the climb (the curriculum) begins, we encourage our students to set their intention on reaching the summit – earning the junior black belt. The process of learning is gradual, structured and challenging, but also age appropriate, fun and rewarding. Through tools such as: belt rank system, academic school teacher’s collaboration, the dojo’s curriculum itself, tournaments, demonstrations, volunteer opportunities, and fun dojo events, we provide an environment for learning, character development and growth, and development of specific leadership skills.

As our young student crosses all the slopes and valleys (smaller goals), we remember that each step of the journey is an opportunity to develop patience, perseverance, resilience, diligence, commitment, self-esteem, self-discipline, humility, empathy, strong working habits and respect, among many other qualities – which in combination describe a person of integrity. The physical aspects of martial arts are important, and teaching the skills and forms of karate is something we spend significant time on, but it is development of one’s character qualities along with the physical skills, that we believe makes a true martial artist. It is our ultimate goal for each of our students to become a well-rounded individual and a true leader in any situation.

Our vision for each student is not only reaching the summit, but becoming the mountain itself. Just as one does not get a black belt, but it is something one becomes for life, by the time our student earns a (junior) black belt, she/he has not only conquered that mountain, but has fully transformed.

Parents, every great leader in history has had a trusted advisor/enforcer to lean on, and we can be that “person” for you. With your support and blessing, we would be honored to be your “right shoulder” in guiding your child to that mountain top – because we know that from there, your child will be prepared to conquer any other summit she/he might encounter throughout life.