Brief History of Our Style

The Shorin-ryu karate is a branch of the traditional Okinawan Karate-do, which took its full shape in the early 18th century; the Okinawan karate-do’s roots, however, date to an even earlier Chinese predecessor of the 15th Century – the art of Te. The Southwind Shorin-ryu Karate, is an extension of the Okinawan’s Shorin-ryu.

Through its history, karate has undergone numerous transformations in its form as well as philosophy, due to various teaching approaches – some of which have led to its treatment as a sport rather than an art form; regardless, the true nature of this defensive art is best reflected in the words: “Karate ni sente nashi” (There is no first attack in karate).

Today, as we proceed to share this ancient art of self-defense, in order to preserve its purity and stay true to its original spirit, we feel it is important to follow the philosophy of the old masters.